Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving

Be a leader in business and our community with a gift that will have lasting impact for many years to come.

As people are becoming increasingly concerned about the social and economic impact of companies they work for or support, the importance of corporate philanthropy has also increased. Corporate giving is the act of a corporation contributing to a nonprofit or charitable organization through donations, volunteerism, sponsorship, gifts in-kind, and much more.

Not only does corporate giving help Peace Arch Hospital Foundation succeed in achieving our mission, but it also helps your organization obtain a variety of unique advantages including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Improving Brand Awareness and Reputation
  • Charitable Tax Receipts
  • Status as a ‘Healthcare Champion’ in your community
  • Receive exclusive ‘Healthcare Champion’ digital badge or window decal
  • Exclusive access to Foundation signature events
  • Recognition on Social Media, Website and Thrive Magazine
  • Naming Opportunities and Listing on our Donor Recognition Walls
  • Opportunities for hospital campus billboard recognition

When you partner with Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, you are showing your staff, customers, and community that you support initiatives that enhance the Peace Arch Hospital campus and the health and wellness of White Rock and South Surrey.  In a small community like ours, people instantly recognize the changes you’re helping to make possible, resulting in a positive reputation for you and your brand. This positive reputation often leads to better relationships with customers and employees, while encouraging a sense of community spirit and camaraderie within your organization.

Our corporate partnership program offers a variety of options that can help you achieve your community objectives while supporting Peace Arch Hospital to ensure the community of White Rock and South Surrey has quality health care close to home. Whether it is supporting a program, campaign, event or an in-kind donation, we would be happy to work with you to tailor your organization’s capacity for giving, maximizing your philanthropic goals and providing you with the visibility and recognition you deserve.

Corporate Gift

By Partnering with Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, you will be contributing to essential lifesaving equipment, hospital expansion and upgrades, and other essential needs that the hospital needs to operate in order to offer the best quality of care to our community. When your business participates in corporate philanthropy, you are creating a positive public image for your business, enhancing relationships with consumers and creating a positive work environment.

We are happy to work with you to design a strategy that meets the needs of your organizational objectives. We can custom tailor a partnership that will give you the recognition opportunities that you are looking for. Your donation will go towards our area of greatest needs or you may direct your gift towards a specific are of Peace Arch Hospital that means the most to you.

Get in touch with Ed Laverock to discuss recognition benefits and opportunities. You can also make your gift online at any time. 



We host several events throughout the year, with varying levels of opportunity for corporate sponsorship. For more information about corporate sponsorship, please send an email to Ed Laverock 

*CURRENT OPPORTUNITY* – We are currently seeking sponsors for our 2024 Gala, our Power to Heal podcast, our signature donor events, and Thrive Magazine. Download our sponsorship package about to learn more, or visit our EVENTS page!

Third Party Fundraiser

This refers to a cooperative effort between a for-profit business and a non-profit organization to raise funds. For instance, a restaurant might donate 50 cents or $1 from every customer bill for a set time period. 

This is opportunity for you to promote your organizational commitment to the community by holding a workplace fundraiser with an existing event or by creating a new one! Consider incorporating this into a summer BBQ, birthday, anniversary, or other special announcement.


Employee Matching Programs

Many organizations offer employee matching programs for their staff to participate in. Staff members are able to choose a charitable organization of their choice, and their donations will be matched, dollar for dollar, by their employer.

Give your staff the opportunity to support the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation by offering employee matching programs to your staff, which can boost morale and allow them to feel more involved in making an impact. For more information about staff matching programs, please contact Ed Laverock. 


Become an Ambassador

Your Corporation can do things throughout the year to show support by becoming an ambassador and advocating for Peace Arch Hospital Foundation. Share our stories and content on your social media platforms and website. Discuss our initiatives with your friends and family in your circle or help distribute our semi-annual Thrive magazine to people and businesses in the community. Spreading awareness about our organization is an important part of philanthropy and can have a positive impact on supporting your local hospital. 

Peace Arch Hospital Foundation is thrilled to support local corporations and small businesses on their philanthropic journey. The positive results of these gifts are immediate and have a lasting impact for many years to come.
Ed Laverock, Philanthropy Officer, Corporate and Community