Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Third Party Fundraising

Third Party Fundraising

Third-Party (that's you!) Fundraising falls into three distinct categories:

If you are planning a memorial service or special occasion to celebrate and honour loved ones, whether it is a birthday party, wedding, anniversary or retirement celebration, consider creating a personal giving page for donations to our hospital in lieu of flowers or other gifts. It's easy!

Cause Marketing
This refers to a cooperative effort between a for-profit business and a non-profit organization to raise funds. For instance, a restaurant donates 50 cents or $1 from every customer bill for a set time period. All funds raised through a cause marketing initiative must be received by the Foundation within 30 days of the close of the promotion.

Special Events
If you would like to hold a special event, please contact our Community Engagement Officer (Shonna Breslaw) OR REGISTER YOUR EVENT and agree to the terms of the Foundation's Policies for Third-Party Fundraising Events.

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  1. The event organizers are responsible for securing insurance for the event or activity and agree to cover all costs of such insurance.
  2. Obtaining a gaming and/or liquor license, if applicable.
  3. Once the donation has been received, a cheque presentation will be scheduled along with public recognition.

Please note that the Foundation will not sanction the following types of third-party fundraising activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Events that encourage/involve behaviour that is counter to the Foundation’s mission, values and programming activities; 
  • Activities that involve a professional fundraiser, telemarketer and/or agreement to raise funds on a commission bonus or percentage basis;
  • Direct solicitation (door-to-door canvassing – other than close friends and family), telemarketing or internet methods not aligned with the Foundation’s current online fundraising practices;
  • Events involving the promotion of a political party or candidate, or appearing to endorse a political activity.

The Foundation reserves the right to decline participation and support for any fundraising initiative that does not fall within our policies or our mandate. The Foundation may also, at any time, withdraw the right to use its name for fundraising or other purposes and all such activities shall immediately cease. 


Support is Available from the Foundation

All set? Our team is available to help with any questions you may have while planning your event. We are also able to offer some assistance with marketing, when applicable. Ask for our top tools to help make your event a success, including:

  • Flyer Creation and/or Distribution around the hospital
  • Event Information sent to Peace Arch Hospital staff
  • Social Media Promotion of Event
  • A listing on the Foundation’s website, if applicable. 
  • Peace Arch Hospital Foundation logos and other graphic assets, if applicable. 

Other support available:

  • Donation Forms
  • Volunteer Support for your event
  • Square Payment, if applicable. 
  • Foundation Marketing Materials (i.e. Brochures, Thrive Magazine, Banners, etc.)
  • Foundation “swag” (if applicable, while supplies last) 
  • A Foundation Representative to speak at your event (based on availability) 

You’ll be in good company too. Ocean Park Ford, Rotary Club of White Rock, White Spot, Elgin Park Secondary School, Sunnyside Elementary School, Whitecliff Retirement Residence, Innovative Fitness, Rasoi Restaurant, Semiahmoo Rotary Club, local churches, and parent groups are among the many who have held fundraisers for us.

For more information, contact Shonna Breslaw at 604.535.4520.


Frequently Asked Questions

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