WHITE ROCK, B.C. – White Rock’s Manjit Lit and his family have made a generous matching gift of up to $100,000 to support the purchase of a germ-zapping UV Robot for Peace Arch Hospital.

Providing an additional layer of infection control, the game-changing UV Robot emits pulses of UV light to further disinfect surface areas, killing harmful bacteria and viruses like COVID-19.

“It’s essential to keep our hospitals as clean as possible,” said Dr. Jean Lauzon, Peace Arch Hospital’s Medical Director. “Even after a deep cleaning with bleach and other disinfectants, the UV Robot can reach and eliminate any remaining harmful bacteria and viruses. Every single day this could save a patient’s life.”

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UV Robot)

Mr. Lit and his family were inspired to make a matching gift when he witnessed how the community came together to support this summer’s Porch Light matching campaign for the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. He wanted to make the same kind of impact and help fund a critical piece of equipment for his hospital.

“I hope that others will join with me in this matching gift challenge today. Peace Arch Hospital needs our support to purchase this expensive, life-saving machine. Together, we can step up to help.”

Manjit Lit
Manjit Lit, local philanthropist

“This is a truly impactful gift for our community,” said Stephanie Beck, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director. “Having access to a UV Robot at Peace Arch Hospital is a game-changer for treating and caring for our patients during a pandemic. We are so appreciative of Mr. Lit’s generosity.”

Mr. Lit has also made a $100,000 matching gift to Surrey Hospital Foundation’s COVID-19 fund with a desire to support both his community and regional hospital.

Donations to Peace Arch Hospital’s UV Robot can be made online at pahfoundation.ca/give. All donations up to $100,000 will be matched by Manjit Lit and his family.

COVID-19 threatens us all, but this germ-zapping robot can help protect Peace Arch Hospital. It will help save lives. Please, help this campaign with a generous gift so that we can buy the UVGI robot together today.