New CT Scanner

When we see better, we do better

Peace Arch Hospital needs a new CT Scanner. Today.

The current CT Scanner is past its life expectancy. It needs increasing repairs and incurs frequent downtime. A new machine will reduce wait times, as well as produce faster and more accurate images with reduced radiation. These are all factors that will improve patient care at your local hospital!

Last year, almost 18,000 patients received a CT Scan at Peace Arch Hospital - that's nearly 50 scans a day!

That's a big need for our community. You can have a big impact right now.

"As a doctor, I know the new CT Scanner will help all of us in the hospital do a better job for people we care for - people like you."
- Dr Eleanor Clark, Radiologist, Peace Arch Hospital

What is a CT Scanner?

A CT Scanner uses a series of sophisticated X-ray images taken from different angles to allow doctors to see inside your body. They provide more detailed images than plain X-rays and are painless, fast, accurate, and non-invasive.

A well-functioning CT scanner is absolutely instrumental for doctors to improve your diagnosis and treatment.

Your donation will improve surgery, biopsy, and radiation therapy results for one person every 30 minutes. More than a thousand every month.

What's more? Every dollar you give today will be doubled, up to $100,000, thanks to a generous matching gift donor!

Every single donation gets us closer to improving our ability to care for patients right here in White Rock.

Your gift, when combined with the matching gift and other generous donations from the community will allow us to purchase this new machine. So please, give generously, and help make this new CT Scanner a reality for Peace Arch Hospital. Thank you!

CT Scanner
GE Healthcare Revolution Frontier CT Scanner pictured above.