With funding provided by the Peace Arch Hospital and Fraser Health Community Grant, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation is proud to present our 6 North unit with the highly intuitive Sigmedix Music Player: a 50’s-inspired music box designed with dementia patients in mind.

Foundation Gifts Sigmedix Music Player
Singmedix Music Box

Pre-loaded with 200 songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, this music box is easy to use by patients and helps create a positive, relaxed environment for all!

“[The Foundation’s] willingness to help provide equipment to support the health and wellness of our patient population makes a difference for everyone involved,” says Meghan Dewar (Patient Care Coordinator, Peace Arch Hospital 6 North). “Thanks to the Foundation, we have been able to utilize the music box in the residential care cohort every day. Patients are able to sing along to these songs, start conversations and have positive shared experiences during meals and tea time.”

Foundation Gifts Sigmedix Music Player
Staff and patients celebrate the arrival of the Sigmedix Music Box, August 2019

The beneficial effects of music for people with dementia are quite outstanding; both for improving the quality of life and for its healthy restorative effects on cognizance and lucidity. A recurring problem however, has been the difficulties people with dementia face when trying to operate modern music playing equipment.

Remembering how controls operate or manipulation of knobs, hard buttons and an array of confusing symbols limits access to typical music-playing devices. The new Sigmedix Music Player has been designed to be as easy as possible o operate for the end user; that is, the person with dementia. To operate, there are only three controls: lift the lid to play the music, press the big button to skip a song, and close the lid to stop the music.

“We found the music box has made a difference in improving the atmosphere of the cohort, providing patients with much needed stimulation and entertainment, and allowing them to socialize. We are so privileged to work at a community site that is so well supported by the Foundation in making workplace improvements that directly benefit our patients and the work we do.”

Meghan Dewar, Patient Care Coordinator, Peace Arch Hospital 6 North

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