WHITE ROCK, BC – Thanks to generous donors, Peace Arch Hospital now has a brand-new Fluoroscopy unit and digital X-ray unit!

After extensive renovations to the Fluoroscopy and X-ray rooms, including installing lead-lined walls to ensure they meet critical safety standards, and improving workflow and ergonomic efficiency, the new digital X-ray and Fluoroscopy machines are now installed and are vital parts of Peace Arch Hospital’s Medical Imaging department. The units were made possible due to generous donations made early in the Foundation’s Medical Imaging Campaign, which is now at $9 million of the $10 million goal.

Fluoroscopy is a study of moving body structures, similar to an X-ray “movie”. It’s often used to help guide pain injections and can even be used to help diagnose heart or intestinal disease. The old equipment was at end of life, and sometimes even breaking down in the middle of a procedure. This new equipment will help reduce wait times and give more accurate imaging for more conclusive scans.

The new digital X-ray unit has also arrived at Peace Arch! We’re excited to let you know that it includes a much-needed upgrade to its software systems. X-ray imaging is a staple of a Medical Imaging department, and is used to detect bone fractures, certain tumors and other abnormal masses, pneumonia, calcifications, foreign objects, and much more. The new digital X-ray machine means less downtime, less maintenance, and more efficient software to reduce wait times further.

“We are so pleased that our patients now have access to the best technology in medical imaging. These pieces were made possible due to generous donations made early in the Foundation’s Medical Imaging Campaign, of which $9 million of the $10 million goal has been raised. With just $1 million to go, and a generous $500,000 matching gift from the Surrey and White Rock Firefighters, I know our community will help us reach the finish line,” says Stephanie Beck, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director. 

New state-of-the-art equipment is a major factor in retaining current staff, as well as attracting new physicians and technologists to our hospital. This $10 million medical imaging campaign for the best technology possible ensures Peace Arch has what it needs to treat our patients right in their community, close to home. 

The remaining pieces in the campaign include a new MRI, Gamma Camera, and three ultrasound machines. With just $1 million to go to reach our funding goal, we’re nearly there! Contributions can be made at pahfoundation.ca/give.