The Milan and Maureen Ilich Foundation has recently made a $100,000 pledge in support of Peace Arch Hospital’s Medical Imaging Campaign. This extradorinary commitment will help improve the medical imaging department at Peace Arch Hospital. The campaign will seek to replace the existing MRI, CT Scanner, Digital X-Ray, Fluoroscopy Unit, and three Portable Ultrasound Machines.

“We are so inspired by the Milan & Maureen Ilich family, whose philanthropic contributions help push the envelope of possibility for campaigns like these,” says Stephanie Beck, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director.

“The Milan and Maureen Ilich Family have a remarkable history of supporting various charitable endeavours of many organizations within the Lower Mainland,” Beck adds. “This is not the first time that they have been generous to Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, and we are so very grateful for their continued support.”

The Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation first supported Peace Arch Hospital Foundation (PAHF) in 2003, and over the years have continued to offer their support. Other major gifts include a $100,000 gift towards PAHF’s Partners in Caring campaign for expanded maternity services. Although Milan Ilich has passed, one thing is clear: his philanthropic endeavors continue to thrive under the careful guidance of his family and their foundation. Contributing to Peace Arch Hospital Foundation’s Medical Imaging Campaign is just one of many acts of generosity that will have a lasting impact for years to come.

“Medical imaging has a central role in disease detection, management, and treatment,” says Dr. Bippan Sangha, Radiologist at Peace Arch Hospital. “The tools and technologies available in medical imaging are continuously being updated and improved. Keeping up to date with the latest equipment at Peace Arch Hospital will help us provide the highest quality care possible for the people in our community.”

“We’re so very grateful for support from donors like the Milan and Maureen Ilich Foundation,” Stephanie Beck adds. “It is our hope that this gift will inspire others to step forward and join in on this campaign. We’re so very excited about the future of medical imaging here at Peace Arch Hospital!”

For more information about Peace Arch Hospital’s Medical Imaging Campaign, please visit our campaign webpage or call 604-535-4520. We’d love to hear from you!