Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: PAH Capital Equipment Funding Approval Process

PAH Capital Equipment Funding Approval Process


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Capital Equipment approval process!

Peace Arch Hospital Foundation is proud to support the purchase of Capital Equipment that helps our medical team deliver quality patient care at Peace Arch Hospital. Please review all information on this page to assist you in the process.

CRITICAL STEP: Please review our flowchart (located on the right) for a visual representation of the capital equipment approval process. Click the image to enlarge and/or download this for your continued use. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Kelly Marra at


  1. Review the flowchart (above) and ensure that you are aware of each step in the process.

    Communicate with all parties as necessary and provide information when requested. Ensure you gain insight from unit staff, physicians, and department heads when creating your equipment wish lists.

  2. Please understand that while your equipment list has been approved, the Foundation still needs to fundraise!

    One the list is approved, you can go ahead and purchase the requested items, but that’s when we get started fundraising

    We may ask you for your help with our fundraising efforts in sharing extra information or scheduling a viewing of the equipment for our donors to see. Providing information and visuals to our donors ensures that we can secure the funds to purchase your item (and others) for Peace Arch Hospital. 

  3. Upon approval of the equipment list, please fill out your mandatory equipment ‘Impact Report’ (DOWNLOAD HERE) and submit it to Kelly Marra at

    Once the equipment list is approved, you have two years to purchase the items on the list. Any changes to your equipment needs will need to follow our official process. 

  4. If at any time you would like to request a change to any of the equipment on the list, please complete our ‘Capital Equipment Change Request Form’ (DOWNLOAD HERE)

    You must obtain a signature of approval from your Clinical Director and the PAH Executive Director, before returning this form to Peace Arch Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director, Stephanie Beck – for final approval.

  5. Once the equipment arrives on-site, please let us know so that we can ensure our Peace Arch Hospital Foundation stickers are put on it. 

    If you do not see a Foundation sticker on the newly-acquired equipment, please let Kelly Marra know. 

    If you have any other questions along the way, we encourage you to review our FAQ (frequently asked questions) below, or contact Kelly Marra at


Remember, if you have any questions about the Capital Equipment Approval process along the way, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kelly Marra at

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