Last year, almost 18,000 patients received a CT Scan at Peace Arch Hospital – that’s nearly 50 scans a day! That’s a big need for our community, especially with an outdated machine. “As a doctor, I knew a new CT Scanner would help all of us in the hospital do a better job for people we care for – people like you,” said Dr. Eleanor Clark, Radiologist, Peace Arch Hospital.

New CT Scanner

Our previous CT Scanner was past its life expectancy. It needed increasing repairs and incurred frequent downtime. We knew that a new machine would reduce wait times, as well as produce faster and more accurate images with reduced radiation.

A well-functioning CT Scanner is absolutely instrumental for doctors to improve your diagnosis and treatment, however, the machine itself is extremely expensive to replace. The equipment required at Peace Arch Hospital totaled a lofty $1.3 million dollars. With this in mind, we asked the public for help in raising funds to purchase a new unit for Peace Arch Hospital.

We knew that this one piece of equipment would do a great job at helping more patients at our hospital. It was also important to our community, because they knew their own neighbors, friends, family and loved ones would require a CT scan someday.

Every dollar provided by our donors helped us get closer to improving our ability to care for patients here in White Rock and South Surrey. Their donations, when combined with a matching gift and other generous donations from our community, eventually allowed us to purchase this new machine in the Spring of 2019. Thank you to everyone who helped make this new machine possible!

A grand ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new equipment took place on January 29, 2020.

New CT Scanner
CT Scanner Ribbon Cutting Ceremony