Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: ER and OR Expansion

ER and OR Expansion

We've grown...

Our brand new Emergency Department, Operating Suites and Medical Device Reprocessing Unit opened in January 2022! THANK YOU to our incredible community of supporters for funding $38.5 million towards the total project cost of $91.05 million!

The new emergency department is nearly three times the size of the current facility with a private triage area, dedicated ambulance entrance, significantly more treatment areas including specific pediatric and mental health spaces, isolation rooms and an improved layout and space configuration. The new OR will meet best practice standards for modern surgical requirements, and will accommodate not only current needs, but the anticipated needs of our community for the next 20 years.

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of $38.5M goal reached.

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Project Stats

Funded by Donors
Spacious New Operating Suites
New ER Treatment Spaces
Total Project Cost
  • Five new spacious surgical suites directly above the new ER (590 sq.ft. each)

  • Replacement of an existing operating room for dedicated cataract surgeries

  • Repurposing two current ORs as patient recovery bays

  • Dedicated space for equipment storage

  • In-suite sterile core with dedicated storage space for tools and equipment

  • Faster procedures and turnaround times means more patients can receive care

  • Space to accommodate bigger teams needed for innovative procedures, and to combine procedures to minimize the time patients are in surgery

  • Each new surgical suite will meet best practice standards for modern surgical requirements. Paul Bennett Staff Lounge also provides safe space for OR medical teams to rest and re-charge

  • Sophisticated HVAC ventilation systems, and dedicated structures to manage hazardous waste materials

  • Optimal conditions for surgeries, and the storage and transportation of sterile surgical supplies

  • Incorporation of digital technology into the design and functionality positions of the ER and Surgical Departments for future advancements, including computer-assisted surgeries

For more on project expansion details and timelines, visit Fraser Health – Peace Arch Hospital Expansion Phase 1

“Our community recognized the critical need for expanded ER and OR capacity to efficiently care for patients in all stages of life. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the heartfelt generosity of every single donor who made contributions, big and small. Our donors truly made this incredible milestone possible.”
Stephanie Beck, Executive Director at Peace Arch Hospital Foundation
Additional treatment spaces and operating rooms, as well as a dedicated area for mental health and substance use, will help us provide a more patient-centered experience to people in White Rock and surrounding communities seeking services at Peace Arch Hospital. This will also create an improved environment for our staff and medical staff to provide care. The expanded Peace Arch Hospital is a testament to our supportive community and the strong partnerships that have been forged with a common goal of better health for all.
Victoria Lee, CEO, Fraser Health Authority

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