Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Lodge
Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Lodge garden view

Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Lodge — a brand new, state-of-the-art long-term care facility, is nearing the final stages of construction.

Located across the street from Peace Arch Hospital, the facility will feature the George and Sylvia Melville Hospital Home, a secure wing for patients with geriatric mental conditions, and 112 private bedrooms in a home-life environment with bariatric support.

“Assisting patients who face a life-limited illness can be challenging, particularly as we may not have hospice beds in White Rock. Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors, we have increased our hospice beds and should no longer have to ask patients to leave their home community. Each contribution has made it possible for patients to spend their remaining time with loved ones in White Rock. Words cannot express my gratitude to everyone who contributed.”

Dr. Andrew Collins, Palliative Care Physician

This new site features significant improvements for residents, patients, staff and guest alike, greatly contributing to the ongoing need for long-term care facilities in our aging community.

Clinical Services Manager Kasmiro Kainth is very excited about the new site. She anticipates many upgrades to come, including private rooms with an ensuite bathroom for each resident, new beds, ceiling lifts, enhanced Telecare communications, an on-site sacred space, dedicated rehabilitation rooms, bariatric facilities, and even an on-site production kitchen to prepare fresh meals.

“The Lodge will allow residents to enjoy the comforts of home and surrounding residential neighborhood, and continue to provide clinical services like Recreational Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Social Work,” said Resident Care Coordinator Heidi Cumberworth.

Kainth added that ample outdoor spaces and new furnishings for family members to stay the night will encourage residents to continue to socialize and maintain relationships with their loved ones.

Questions about the status of the project? Send us an email!