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Move for Life

Move for Life — Get active for better health!

As part of the Foundation's commitment to ensuring our community is the healthiest possible, we have partnered with Sport for Life, a national not-for-profit organization that strives to improve the health and lives of all Canadians. The innovative project brings community leaders together to spearhead a five-year Physical Literacy for Communities initiative in the areas of education, recreation, sport, health and media.

Why is this so important?

Today's children won't live as long as their parents due to an alarming decrease in physical activity and the many diseases and health issues caused by inactivity. Our adults and seniors are facing chronic health conditions that lead to medical interventions and worsen due to a lack of exercise and recreational activities. We believe that to effect change upstream and keep people out of the hospital, a healthy lifestyle is key. Peace Arch Hospital will always be here if you need it, but with committing to a being as healthy as possible, hopefully you won't.

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Check out Sport for Life’s COVID-19 Resource page that provides guidance on how to remain active during this challenging time. The page includes all of the Developing Physical Literacy videos as well as many of their partner’s resources.


Benefits of Physical Activity

33-50% reduction in risk of heart disease
25-58% reduction in risk of diabetes
years added to a physically active senior's life span
$ saved per year by increasing activity by 10%
reduction in risk of Alzheimer's

Project Details

Move For Life Seniors Yoga Park

Our Vision

A healthy community where people are committed to physical, social and mental well-being.

What is Physical Literacy Anyway?

A physically literate community is:

  • A community where parents, teachers, coaches and practitioners are informed and supported.
  • A community where seniors are vibrant and active.
  • A community where children feel healthy, happy and can thrive.

Visit Sport for Life’s Physical Literacy page for more info. 

Project Goals

  • Change physical activity behavior through targeted communications and increased awareness.
  • Deliver creative, safe, inclusive and effective physical activity and programs.
  • Integrate and coordinate expertise across sectors to create cross-sectoral solutions.
  • Develop sustainable programs to have ongoing impact in the community.
  • Improve competence, confidence and motivation of 33,000 community members to be physically active for life.

How will we integrate physical literacy into South Surrey and White Rock?

Phase 1: Educate, facilitating an understanding and awareness of physical literacy.
Phase 2: Train, delivering physical literacy-enriched programs.
Phase 3: Mentor, establishing sustainable physical literacy for our community.

Our Programs

FAME (Fitness and Mobility Exercise) Program

The Fitness and Mobility Exercise (FAME) Program is a group exercise program developed for people after stroke who have some standing and walking abilities. This program is offered over the span of 12 weeks and is located at White Rock’s Center for Active Living. It is generously subsidized by Peace Arch Hospital Foundation’s Move for Life project. 

To sign up, please DOWNLOAD and complete the program Consent & Referral Form and submit to Fred Kikhosrowkiany, Certified Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation Specialist via email to To complete registration for the program series, please contact the City of White Rock’s recreation team by calling 604-541-2199. 

For more information about this program, please read our web story

Prescriptions to Get Active

‘Prescriptions to Get Active’ utilize the legitimacy of doctor’s prescriptions, allowing patients to receive comprehensive health recommendations from health care providers. This could be anything from engagement with the arts, physical activity, or connection to community. As part of this program, we have partnered with the White Rock and South Surrey recreation centers to provide complimentary passes to their recreation facilities to assist with getting started. Physicians and other allied healthcare professionals can download our PRESCRIPTION TO GET ACTIVE here to use right away!

Chronic Disease Management Program

The Chronic Disease Management program is a rehabilitative, cohort-based exercise program for referred individuals of different activity levels to assist in the prevention and management of chronic disease. This 3-month program is supported through our Healthy Community Grant, which provides 150 subsidized seats. Delivered by a Certified Clinical Rehab Specialist, this program aims to increase participants’ level of physical activity and ability to remain active and engage in social connection. Physicians can download our REFERRAL FORM for the program here. 

Physical Literacy in Schools

Our Physical Literacy (PL) mentorship program is focused on engaging local elementary schools, offering physical literacy capacity-building to teachers, conducting fundamental movement skill assessments with students, and providing PL programming throughout an entire school day. This program also provides PL presentations to staff, teachers, and parents to increase awareness and knowledge around the importance of developing physical literacy to improve health, impact learning and support positive well-being.

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