Over the last few months, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation has seen some incredible fundraising efforts started by dedicated youth in our community. These individuals have taken it upon themselves to raise funds to support the Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund during these uncertain times. 

The Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency fund supplies Peace Arch Hospital with the funds necessary to provide our healthcare workers with immediate comforts and needs like food, hotel and/or respite stays. In addition, it provides Peace Arch Hospital with the ability to purchase any critical equipment, medical devices or additional necessities as needs arise.  

“We are so grateful for the efforts of these youth fundraisers and couldn’t be more impressed by the time, effort, and creativity being put into their projects,” says Stephanie Beck, Executive Director at Peace Arch Hospital Foundation. “As a youth, supporting your community hospital is a great way to ensure you make a positive, lasting impact in your community.”  

For 23-year-old musician Spike Sullivan, hosting digital live concert sessions to benefit the Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund was the perfect way to give back to his community. “I’m very thankful that I can support such an awesome local foundation,” says Sullivan, whose music is best described as alternative-acoustic, with some pop and classic rock influence. “I really do hope I can be of help and raise some funds and awareness!”  

Spike Sullivan (Photo via Peace Arch News), 2020

“People are hard-pressed for money right now,” adds Sullivan. “I’ve personally been laid off from my serving-bartending job, but the government is helping me out. If people have some money to contribute at this time, it should be going to help our health care workers.” 

Over at Southridge School, students in grades 10 and 11 organized a fundraiser to support Peace Arch Hospital Foundation’s food-delivery program. Nora Zhu, a leader within the group, was inspired to organize the efforts following her own positive experience at Peace Arch Hospital:  

“Ever since I could remember, my little sister, my little brother and I have frequented the Peace Arch Hospital for a variety of maladies, from sprained wrists to illnesses. My dad also had two surgeries here. Every single time we paid a visit to Peace Arch, we received the most sincere care and were treated so well by everyone there. Even my little sister who is terrified of needles isn’t scared when she comes to Peace Arch Hospital because it holds such a comforting place in her heart. When I heard from my friends whose parents are healthcare workers that the situation in BC is becoming worrisome, to the point where many of them were self-isolating in the Hospitals with very little time or energy to procure meals for themselves, I was inspired to help in this regard as best as I can.”

Other members of the Southridge students’ fundraising effort include Alyssa Hai, Tatum Byrne, Aerin Brown, Jonathan Hilton, Coco Li, Stanford Guo and Edward Chui. “All of us are very passionate about giving back to your community and helping out wherever we can, and everyone was very enthusiastic and extremely helpful during the fundraising process,” says Zhu. “I am very proud of my team’s ability to organize and raise money for Peace Arch Hospital on such short notice… Especially since none of us have done this before.” 

Southridge students meet virtually to discuss fundraising efforts, 2020.

Emma Guo, President of another student-led organization (Wish Youth Network Society) delivered $1037.02 in support of the Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund.  “This donation is all thanks to the hard work of the Pacific Academy WYNs Club led by Yunika Liu, Lawrence Tan and Krizzia Capitle,” says Guo. Students from Clayton Heights Secondary School’s WYNS Club — lead by Erolyn Thong, Jyotsna Kumar and Annie Huang — also contributed to fundraising efforts. Guo leaves a message of support for Peace Arch Hospital: “We are extremely appreciative of the work of Peace Arch doctors, nurses and staff for protecting B.C. citizens and being at the frontlines of the crisis. We hope these funds will help [to] continue your heroic work.”  

Wish Youth Network Society’s External Team, 2020

Thank you to all Youth fundraisers helping to support Peace Arch Hospital’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund!