WHITE ROCK, B.C. – White Rock and South Surrey residents have come together in support of a new Fluoroscopy Unit for our community. With a $100,000 matching gift, local philanthropist Manjit Lit challenged all residents to donate toward a campaign for the equipment in early October, and just one month later, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation is now nearing its funding goal.

Peace Arch Hospital Foundation estimates the total cost of this new equipment and its installation to reach $3.2 million, much of which must be funded by donor dollars. Many individuals and businesses have supported the campaign thus far, including residents Gary and Anne McPhail, whose recent major gift has had a transformational impact on the status of the overall campaign.

“We are so grateful for and inspired by donors like Gary and Anne McPhail,” says Stephanie Beck, Executive Director of Peace Arch Hospital Foundation. “It is transformational gifts like theirs that help us take the next step forward while inspiring others to give, too.”

“A Fluoroscopy Unit is an expensive type of medical imaging device that shows continuous x-ray images on a viewing monitor,” says Dr. Hamed Basseri, a Radiologist at Peace Arch Hospital. “Imaging tools like this are continuously revolutionizing so many parts of patient care, from screening to diagnosis, surveillance, and our ability to offer minimally-invasive procedures for pain management.”

Currently, thousands of patients are suffering from chronic pain due to long wait times caused by outdated equipment in the medical imaging department at Peace Arch Hospital. A new Fluoroscopy Unit will help to expedite diagnosis and treatment options.

“We hope to bring this fundraising campaign to completion before the end of the year,” reports Stephanie Beck. “Projects like these are a community collaboration where everyone works together to achieve the common goal of helping their local hospital. Residents are taking steps and fighting back against chronic pain, and we’re almost at the finish line!”