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New Equipment Is Urgently Needed


Cherie Ziola

As a dedicated volunteer for more than four decades, Cherie Ziola knows our hospital well.

She’s seen how our staff can quickly diagnose and treat patients during emergency situations. She knows how important it is to keep our equipment and facility up-to-date. Cherie has long been passionate about ensuring that everyone in our community can access advanced health care whenever they need it.

Cherie never expected that one day it would be her in the ambulance racing for our ER . . . but it happened earlier this year!

After a bad fall, Cherie arrived at Peace Arch Hospital in a lot of pain. After assessing her completely, our doctors discovered that she had broken her hip. They brought her into surgery soon after.

When Cherie suffered a broken hip, our hospital provided her with the immediate assessment, surgery, and rehabilitation she needed to fully recover. She later told us “It brings me to tears knowing that we can all come to this hospital and be certain that we will be well looked after. I know I was”.

Will you make a gift to support patients like Cherie today? To improve our community’s health care?Your generosity will help purchase equipment that has the power to save lives throughout the year.

Below are just a few examples of equipment that our hospital desperately needs. I hope you will help to fund these critical pieces of equipment:

  • Trauma stretchers (2 needed at $12,000 each) allow for ULTIMATE MOBILITY of patients during virtually every transport situation required for diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Endoscopic cameras (3 needed at $20,000 each) provide DETAILED IMAGES inside the body in order to help doctors diagnose problems and create effective treatment plans. 
  • Electrosurgical units (1 needed at $16,000) can make PRECISE CUTS during surgery in order to minimize bleeding and allow patients to return home sooner. 

You can help make equipment like this available in your community hospital. Your gift now will ensure our doctors are always prepared to save lives.