Generations Playground

Go play outside, no matter what your age!

Generations Playground is now open!

Interacting with nature and enjoying outdoor physical activity is a cornerstone of a west coast lifestyle - an experience that should be enjoyed by all residents of our community. Not only does it provide exercise and fresh air, but the opportunity for social interaction.

With that in mind, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation is uniting with the City of White Rock and the White Rock Fire Fighters Charitable Society to bring the fun and health benefits of playing outside back into our community by building a $900,000 welcoming outdoor green space designed for people of all ages and abilities.

The redevelopment of Ruth Johnson Park next to Centennial Arena into an accessible playground will establish barrier free access to this beautiful green space in the middle of White Rock, connecting Centennial Park to Marine Drive. People of all abilities from small children, youth, adults, seniors and those using personal assistive devices such as walkers and wheelchairs will have the freedom to use this pristine outdoor area, scheduled to open in July 2018. The activities will be intuitive and easy to understand providing uninhibited access and flexibility in use.

This is the first phase of a network of three play spaces designed to connect White Rock's parks, from Centennial Park to East Beach, via the Duprez Ravine Trail and the Marine Drive Promenade.



Why should you support a healthier community?

Being physically active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle puts less demand on our health system and Peace Arch Hospital. The hospital will always be there if you need it, but by keeping yourself and your family as healthy as possible, hopefully you never will.

Your financial contribution to this important initiative will help create a wonderful and innovative green space for all of us to participate in. A donation to this project will not only directly impact the health of local citizens who are not able to access local parks and playgrounds because of a disability, but will also contribute to the physical, social and mental well-being of every person, of every level of ability, who uses it.

Less screen time and more green time!

This playground is not just for children, but for people of all ages who want to improve their health and wellness by getting off the couch and being active. Physical activity for older adults is key for health aging. The playground will include exercise stations suitable for a variety of activities and capabilities. The goal is safety, dignity and independence for all abilities and all ages.

For us, this is just the beginning.

As the first project of Peace Arch Hospital Foundation's Healthy Community Steering Committee, the All Ages and All Abilities Playground is a leap toward directly improving the health of citizens in our community, regardless of ability.

The Foundation supports initiatives, outside of the hospital campus, positively impacting health and wellness in the community. Healthy active citizens reduce the demand on Peace Arch Hospital services over the long term.

Please join the movement to make a lasting impact on community health for all of us who live in White Rock and South Surrey by making your donation today!

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