Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Give a Gift of Property

Give a Gift of Property

The gift of property, including real estate, heirlooms, jewelry, or art, can be a simple and effective way to make a substantial gift to the Foundation.

The most common ways to gift property to the Foundation are by:

  • Gifting the property during your lifetime.
  • Putting the property in trust to retain the use of the property during your lifetime and to ensure the Foundation receives it after you die.
  • Gifting the property in your will. 

Next Steps

These steps will help guide you when gifting property to the Foundation.

  1. After you decide which piece of property to gift, you, OR, if the gift is made in your will, your executor, must have the property appraised by one or more qualified appraisers. 

  2. Contact and consult with your lawyer to understand how this gift may impact your overall estate planning objectives. Ask your lawyer to prepare the documentation needed to transfer legal and beneficial ownership of the property to the Foundation, or to ensure that your last will contains the appropriate provisions. 

  3. Consult financial/tax advisors to obtain the appropriate tax advice. 

  4. Make your gift. The Foundation will then issue you or your estate (depending on when the gift is made) a charitable tax receipt of the appraised value of the property.

    To make us aware of a future gift, please send an email to Amy O’Leary or mail to:

    Amy O’Leary
    Director of Philanthropy
    Peace Arch Hospital Foundation
    15521 Russell Avenue
    White Rock, BC V4B 2R4

  5. Call us at 604.535.4520 or email Amy O’Leary to let us know to expect your donation.