Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Help Fund a New  Bronchoscope for Peace Arch Hospital

Help Fund a New Bronchoscope for Peace Arch Hospital

Seeing beyond a breath…

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been deadly and has put significant stress on Peace Arch Hospital — your local hospital — this year. But we remain hopeful. And now, there is a new piece of equipment available to us that will help us diagnose critically ill patients with or recovering from COVID-19. It will also help us manage complications such as bleeding of the lungs, lung collapse, or worse.

This wonderful device is called a Bronchoscope, and it is used by doctors, respiratory therapists, and pulmonologists to detect the cause of breathing difficulties and lung problems. It also helps manage issues such as tumours, infection, and bleeding, and helps medical teams monitor a patient’s breathing when they are using an artificial airway during intubation or tracheostomy.

The Bronchoscope is small, but mighty. It will help COVID-19 patients and others suffering from breathing difficulties to recover. But it costs $35,000, so we need your help!


of $35,000 goal reached.

"As a physician, I know a new Bronchoscope will help provide the right diagnosis for the right recovery. And right now, recovery is essential!”
Dr. James Rudnik, Internal Medicine Specialist, Peace Arch Hospital

Here is some other information you might be interested in:

  • These top-of-the-line Bronchoscopes offer superb optics, flexibility, and are the ideal size to efficiently check for abnormalities such as persistent cough, infection, or difficulty breathing.
  • Peace Arch Hospital may be able to use the Bronchoscope to obtain samples from COVID-19 patients, so that we can learn more about how to stop this virus.
  • COVID-19 can affect a patient’s sinuses, nose, throat, windpipe, and lungs. The Bronchoscope is a vital piece of equipment used to diagnose and treat these areas!

So please, give generously today and help us obtain a new Bronchoscope for Peace Arch Hospital. We will forever be grateful for your support!

“We need your help to purchase this expensive, diagnostic tool. Now more than ever, recovery is essential. Your gift now will improve accurate diagnosis, surgery, biopsy, and treatment results. And it will ensure that your loved ones — and our entire community — can receive much needed care close to home.”
Stephanie Beck, Executive Director at Peace Arch Hospital Foundation


Remember, every gift – no matter the size – has a HUGE impact! Please give any amount that you can comfortably give today. Thank you!