Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Supporting Peace Arch Hospital: A Grateful Patient’s Journey

Supporting Peace Arch Hospital: A Grateful Patient’s Journey

Sean O’Leary, a grateful patient and monthly donor to Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, recently underwent extensive shoulder repair surgery at Peace Arch Hospital. Thanks to the exceptional care he received, Sean was able to restore his health and return to his beloved family and small business.

As a devoted father, husband, and business owner, Sean’s injury deeply impacted his ability to cherish family moments and fulfill his responsibilities. Witnessing the ongoing needs of others in his community, Sean is inspired to fundraise for crucial equipment like Arthroscopic Cameras and a Patient Positioning Device, which are essential to expedite healing journeys. He invites you to join him in supporting the Foundation with a one-time or monthly gift, knowing that together, significant impact can be made for local patients and families. Please consider making a donation to help us acquire this necessary equipment and support other community members like Sean.


of $55,000 goal reached.

"Peace Arch Hospital is not just a medical facility; it is a beacon of community support, and I am deeply grateful for the role it has played in my recovery."
Sean O’Leary, Recent Patient at Peace Arch Hospital

Crucial equipment


Peace Arch Hospital needs a minimum of 4 new Arthroscopic Cameras. With their minimally invasive design, these crucial pieces of equipment will revolutionize the approach to repairing injuries. Unlike traditional open surgery, which necessitates larger incisions for procedures like shoulder ligament repair, arthroscopic cameras offer a superior alternative. By enabling surgeons to visualize the affected area through small incisions, these cameras mitigate post-operative pain, shorten recovery periods, and significantly reduce the likelihood of complications.


Patient Positioning devices are indispensable tools that empower surgeons to navigate and operate with unparalleled precision, facilitating direct access to the injured area while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissue.

*Note: this image is for illustrative purposes only. Actual device model and accessories may vary.

Remember, when donors like you and Sean step in to raise funds specifically for advanced equipment like this, you're part of a collaborative effort that significantly enhances patient care and improves the overall standard of healthcare services in White Rock and South Surrey. So please, consider joining with Sean today to help fund this critically needed equipment.