Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Our moms and babies deserve the best care at Peace Arch Hospital

Our moms and babies deserve the best care at Peace Arch Hospital

Around this time last year, Fraser Health had announced that it would be closing the maternity ward for three full months, diverting all expectant mothers to hospitals in other cities due to ongoing gaps in pediatric care. Now, we’re still working on a solution.

In response to these short-term closures, pediatricians serving Peace Arch Hospital have opened a brand new Pediatric Access to Rapid Care Clinic (PARC Clinic) and are seeking the community’s support to expand these services and others. Why? Supporting this clinic will help to retain and attract more pediatricians at Peace Arch Hospital, providing continued access to quality healthcare for our local community. The PARC clinic will also provide rapid care and support for children and youth in White Rock and South Surrey.

Your gift today will have a significant and lasting impact on mothers, babies, families, and our entire community for many years to come.


of $50,000 goal reached.

“Pediatricians like Dr. Laura Lewington and Dr. Anita Malik are members of the important teams that help support local mothers and babies – especially those babies who are born with complications. We are hopeful that your gift will help us attract more Pediatricians to work at Peace Arch Hospital, strengthening our teams and the care they provide.”
Stephanie Beck, Executive Director, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation

Whether you are expecting a child, have had children before, or are simply a member of this community who wants to help provide access to these critical services for your neighbours and loved ones, every gift matters and makes a difference.

The problem is that we do not have enough pediatricians, and with limited pediatric resources and services available at Peace Arch Hospital, it is incredibly hard to recruit and retain new ones.

The PARC clinic won’t just support the recruitment and retention of pediatricians for expanded maternity services. It will also ensure that children and youth in White Rock and South Surrey will now have access to rapid care, support, and on-going services that they desperately need.

Pahf Parc Newborn Mother

Please give as generously as you can. Your gift today will ensure that we are able to protect and expand our maternity and pediatric services for many years to come!