Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Grateful Patient – Kimberly Morrow

Grateful Patient – Kimberly Morrow

Help patients like Kimberly make it home for the holidays

On December 18th of last year, Kimberly Morrow began to develop severe flu symptoms that only worsened as the day progressed. She had a rash over her entire body. Her sister took a picture of the rash and sent it to her Mom, who is a Registered Nurse. She told her that she needed to go to the Emergency Room.

When she arrived at Peace Arch Hospital, the tests began. Doctors and nurses were surprised to see Kimberly, a fit, young woman, in such a severe state. They discovered she had a septic infection, caused by Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Kimberly was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit where she remained for many days. Doctors later told her that if she’d waited any longer to come to the hospital, she would have been on life support. If she hadn’t come to the hospital at all, she would have died.

During her treatment, there were many times that Kimberly worried her body would fail her, but Dr. Fam, and the many nurses who cared for her, would not let that happen. “The fact that I could still crack a smile despite my excruciating pain was so very important to my healing,” says Kimberly.

"The thing I was most grateful for last year was that I was home for Christmas. I would have died if Peace Arch Hospital, and generous donors, had not been there for me."
Kimberly Morrow, Grateful Patient

For those who are fortunate to have never encountered a life-threatening and time sensitive situation like she did, Kimberly can only describe Peace Arch Hospital as a place that deserves accolades, acknowledgement, and investment. “This is a place of dedicated, well-trained, and passionate people who are crucial to the health and well-being of our close-knit community,” says Kimberly.

Today, we hope you will make the most generous donation you can to support the hospital. Your gift will help ensure another patient like Kimberly can be home for the holidays to enjoy those precious family moments. Please know that your actions will truly make a difference, and your generosity will help to save a life.