Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Colon cancer is common, but preventable.

Colon cancer is common, but preventable.

Help us save lives today.

Colorectal cancer is both common and preventable. If you have a colon, you are at risk. Colon cancer screening is the best way to reduce your risk. And people like you, or someone else you know, may need this critical screening right now.

Colorectal cancer is the THIRD most common cancer and the SECOND most common cause of cancer-related deaths. It can strike anyone, even people who may seem healthy and have no family history of the disease.

Please consider helping to fulfill this special equipment need this year by donating today. Your gift will ensure Peace Arch Hospital has state-of-the-art colonoscopes to benefit everyone, young and old, by maximizing the quality of every screening colonoscopy.


of $50,000 goal reached.

“Increased demand has led to more wear and tear on these fragile instruments. Colonoscopy is the ‘gold standard’ for early detection of colonic lesions, but we need colonoscopes in excellent working condition to achieve this. Each year, several colonoscopes must be retired because they are no longer serviceable. They need to be replaced.”
Dr. Jean Lauzon, Surgeon and Site Medical Director at Peace Arch Hospital

Doctors use a colonoscope — a thin, tube-like instrument with a light and a lens that we use to view the colon, diagnosing cancers and identifying pre-cancerous lesions called polyps, that can be fully removed before they develop into cancers.

If colon cancer is detected at its earliest stage, the chance of cure increases to more than 90%. Colonoscopies and other screening programs can help prevent colon cancer by detecting polyps before they develop into colon cancer.

DID YOU KNOW – Peace Arch Hospital has an amazing colon cancer screening program, but we need more colonoscopes to replace others that are no longer serviceable. Everyone who requires a colonoscope should be able to receive this much-needed screening close-to-home.

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“Innovation in colonoscopy has occurred rapidly, with great advances in resolution which significantly increase the detection rate of polyps and cancers. As a surgeon and our site’s Medical Director, I know how important it is to have the best equipment available for the task at hand.”
Dr. Jean Lauzon, Surgeon and Site Medical Director at Peace Arch Hospital


Thank you in advance for anything that you can give today. No gift is too small, but please give as generously
as you can so that everyone in our community, including you, can benefit.