Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Show love to the lab

Show love to the lab

Peace Arch Hospital’s doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers depend on accurate and precise lab results to do their jobs well and give our patients the best care possible. More than 85% of all diagnoses come from the laboratory, and these results are the main decision-maker in a patient’s treatment plan.

When lives are on the line, there is no room for error. That’s why it’s no surprise that our lab must be committed to high standards and constant improvement. Currently, some of our important lab equipment is old and even unusable

We are raising $95,000 to support the purchase of the following new equipment for our department.


of $95,000 goal reached.

"While you may never see or visit our laboratory, I want you to know that our pathologists, technologists, assistants, and other staff are still very much on the frontlines of healthcare here at Peace Arch Hospital. In addition, our Outpatient Laboratory provides countless services to our ever-growing community."
Terri Lynn Kondra, Site Supervisor, Outpatient Laboratory

Necessary lab equipment


These are one of the most important pieces of equipment in our lab. We need them to maintain a controlled environment (refrigerated space) to properly store various fluids and substances such as lab reagents and other chemicals.


This is a device that uses centrifugal force (rotational force) to separate various components of a fluid sample to conduct lab analysis.


Also called a microbiological safety cabinet, this enclosed, self-ventilated lab workspace is used by our laboratory staff for safely working with materials that have been contaminated with chemicals, pathogens, or other infectious agents.

Our team works with bodily samples, chemical agents, biohazardous fluids, and potentially infectious dangers every single day. Our laboratory is tucked away in a secure department within the hospital, while our work touches the lives of almost every single patient who requires care.

In the same way that our medical staff rely on lab results to form a diagnosis or treatment plan, our lab teams rely on specialty laboratory equipment to produce these results. Right now, certain pieces of our equipment are outdated or broken down, which means we can’t use it to perform important lab tests.

Health Care Researchers Working In Life Science Laboratory

You can help make this laboratory equipment (and more!) available at Peace Arch Hospital by sending a generous donation today. Your gift now will ensure that our team can provide the lab results needed by doctors, nurses, and medical staff.