Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Seniors deserve comfort at Peace Arch Hospital

Seniors deserve comfort at Peace Arch Hospital

Donate Now to ensure Peace Arch Hospital is equipped to care for the comfort of seniors.

Did you know…

The risk for severe illnesses like COVID-19 increases with age, with seniors at the highest risk. And during these cold winter months, things like heart attacks, high blood pressure, pneumonia, and falls are more common – especially for seniors!

This might not be something you’ve worried about, but it could impact someone you love. The seniors that come through our doors are dedicated members of our community – just like you! Many of them are donors, or volunteers, parents, grandparents, and so much more. Seniors deserve the best, most comfortable care possible.

Will you help to fulfill some special equipment needs this year, by sending a generous donation today?

Your gift will ensure Peace Arch Hospital is prepared with the medical tools and technology that will help provide the very best comfort and patient outcomes for seniors.


of $30,000 goal reached.

"If we work together, we can make sure that your community hospital is equipped to care for seniors. Your gift now will also help our health care teams save lives.”
Megan Lum, Clinical Nurse Educator at Peace Arch Hospital

Below are just a few examples of equipment that our hospital desperately needs. We hope that you might be able to help fund these critical items:

OLDER ADULT GERIATRIC-FRIENDLY STRETCHER ($12,000) – With special pads and sensors designed to meet the needs of older adults, this stretcher will help identify and prevent issues that may develop or worsen during their hospital stay.

MOBILE LIFT ($8,800) – This lift helps to safely transport or re-position seniors, while also accommodating those who may be sensitive to under arm pressure.

BED BLANKET WARMER ($7,500) – This machine helps pre-warm blankets for seniors, benefitting them psychologically as well as prepping them for surgery and relieving pain.

Peace Arch Hospital has been caring for the people of White Rock and South Surrey since 1954. And it wouldn’t be here today without the generous support of the same seniors who require care today. Providing comforts for seniors in their greatest time of need is the least we can do.

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“Seniors deserve the most comfortable care possible, leading to the best possible outcomes. You play such an important role in purchasing life-saving equipment. Please give as generously as you can, so that everyone in our community – including you – can benefit.”
Stephanie Beck, Executive Director at Peace Arch Hospital Foundation
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You never know when you or someone you love will need to visit the hospital for care. If we’ve learned anything over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that it’s the little comforts that make all the difference. Especially during a time when it is still tough for families to travel, care for one another at home, or make visits to healthcare facilities. It’s important to make seniors’ experience at Peace Arch Hospital the very best it can be. Think of the older adults you know and love in your life. I think you’ll agree that they deserve the very best care possible.