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It’s Inevitable.

In our own time, each of us will follow life’s journey to its natural end. And when we get there, we’ll be grateful to know that our community has prepared a place for us with the comforts of home; a warm and peaceful residence where loved ones can be at our side… in comfort and with support. A place where health care professionals and family gather around us in a circle of care to ensure our needs and our wishes are met, and where every precious moment is lived to its fullest.

End-of-life care has evolved tremendously in the years since the hospital was built. Today’s priority is treating each patient with dignity, providing a home-like environment and honouring his or her choices in care. Dignity demands greater privacy, space for family, thoughtful details and an extended care team that includes medical professionals and loved ones. This holistic approach, along with our aging and rapidly growing population, have left us with a capacity shortfall, an inadequate environment and unable to provide the best care possible.

The new Hospice + Residence at Peace Arch Hospital will be a 200 bed facility that includes a hospice, complex residential and older tertiary care. It is the next step in the hospital’s Redevelopment + Expansion plan. This increased capacity will free up space throughout the hospital and enhance patient flow from the new Emergency Room to acute and other areas of care.

Recognizing the need for more contemporary facilities, the Ministry of Health has seeded the new hospice residence with $3 million. Peace Arch Hospital Foundation will finance the construction of the new building and has committed to raising an additional $7 million to support its development and construction.

Dedicated to end-of-life care, the new building will house three distinct centres: a 15-bed hospice residence, 112-bed care residence and 73 spaces for older residents with mental health conditions who are experiencing behavioural issues. Details for each centre have been carefully thought out to ensure each patient’s journey is dignified, comfortable and fulfilling.

Construction of the building will be financed by the Foundation, and Fraser Health will fund its operation. It is a fresh and unique approach to health care that reflects the collaborative relationship the Foundation and Fraser Health share, and their commitment to delivering quality health care in our community.

A New Home for Hospice

Step into the new hospice residence and you will feel a sense a peace. Surrounded by warm colours and soft textures, this calm and respectful environment is where people have come to live out their final weeks and days. They know the end has come and are spending each moment in comfort with their loved ones at their side.

“We are very passionate about the details of the new hospice - every one of them has been carefully thought out because we understand the difference it makes to our patients and to their families. Feeling like we got it right for them is what we strive for.”

Daphne Williscroft, Director, Palliative Care Program/Queen’s Park Care Centre

The new George & Sylvia Melville Hospice Home will replace the current Peace Arch Hospice, which houses seven beds in a converted ward on the sixth floor of the hospital. This clinical environment has inadequate space to offer best care by current standards, and seven beds are not enough. Too often, local residents are transferred to other communities at this pivotal time in their life.

The new George & Sylvia Melville Hospice Home will have 15 private rooms, each furnished with a couch where family can stay overnight, a flat screen TV mounted on the wall and a private washroom. Each room will be filled with natural light and look out to secured gardens where patients can sit in the sunshine, go for a walk, or have their bed rolled into the open air.

This home-like environment will be awash with soothing, warm colours and comfortable furnishings. The large, shared lounge and dining area will include a kitchen where families can prepare meals and refreshments.

Families can enjoy an extended stay thanks to the shower and laundry facilities, and will have access to quiet spaces throughout the residence when they need a moment alone. Young children are encouraged to visit and can also be entertained in the play area, and even the family pet iswelcomed to visit their loved one!

This new residence will enable medical staff to work collaboratively with families to ensure each final moment is as gratifying as it can be; fulfilling final requests, serving favourite meals which family members can warm up in the pantry, and letting the patient be in charge of their own care plan.

A Residence With Care

The residence at Peace Arch Hospital will be home to residents in need of a structured environment and 24-hour medical support. They will often stay in the residence for an extended period of time, and enjoy a variety of activities and daily social engagement. The transition from home to residential care can be difficult, and the new residence is committed to ensuring each resident maintains their privacy, dignity and control over decisions regarding their care.

Residents in Weatherby Pavilion, a residential facility that was built 30 years ago to an older standard of care, will be relocated to the new Hospice + Residence. The rooms in Weatherby offer minimal space or privacy – many people share rooms and no accommodation is provided for couples. Small rooms make it difficult for family members to stay for extended visits and for staff to operate necessary equipment.

The new 112-bed residence will have single rooms - all with private washrooms. Each room will be large enough for residents to bring some furnishings, décor and personal belongings, while still providing ample space for staff to operate ceiling lifts and other equipment safely, and without stress or injury to them or the residents.

These larger rooms will accommodate family visits. Families can also gather and visit atsmaller seating areas throughout the residence.

Each floor will have a shared dining area with plated table service (no trays) and more menu options. A second, smaller dining area will be available where smaller groups or families can share a more intimate dining experience.

Residents can gather in the common area for exercise, activities and entertainment and can enjoy fresh air on the balconies or in the shared garden areas on the first floor. Spa-like bathing suites are available in each wing where residents can be pampered regularly.

Join Our Circle of Care

It’s inevitable… we will all experience life’s natural end. What better reason to work together and prepare… to ensure the end of that journey is honoured, and supported with dignity and the best care possible for everyone.

For generations, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation has anticipated future needs of the hospital campus, including the purchase of land around the campus for future expansion. Thanks to their foresight, that land is available to build the new Hospice + Residence on.

Of course, growth of the hospital has never been possible without the continued support of our generous donors. The circle of care in our community has always been much larger than for any one patient. The community of White Rock and South Surrey has been part of this circle from the very beginning when construction of the hospital began in 1951 by a group of tenacious volunteers, donors and the labours of community members. We have worked as a collective ever since to ensure quality health care continues to be available close to home, for all of our families.

As we strive to honour patients through their end-of-life journey, please join us in completing the circle.

There are many ways to support the new Hospice + Residence at Peace Arch Hospital, and to be recognized for your contribution.


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