Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Help Support Mental Health Care and Recovery

Help Support Mental Health Care and Recovery

Take a Stand to Improve Mental Health Care at Peace Arch Hospital

The COVID-19 pandemic may soon be over, but we need to remain attune to the impact that will be felt for some time. White Rock, South Surrey, and the rest of the world are in the grips of a mental health crisis that affects health, threatens lives, hurts our community, and extends beyond the pandemic.

If you pay attention to the headlines, you will likely still miss the full scope of the problem. Most people don’t understand how large scale and damaging the mental health crisis is becoming – on both a societal and personal level. But the numbers don’t lie. And neither do our patients. 4,000 Canadians die by suicide every year — that’s an average of 11 per day.

You know, we are certain that one of your friends, neighbours, colleagues, or loved ones has required mental health care at Peace Arch Hospital. We know this because Peace Arch Hospital treat members of your community every day. Mental health struggles are far more common than you think.

Children, adults, seniors, frontline workers, COVID-19 survivors, and others struggle daily!

It is your donation today that can help us continue to meet the needs of patients and other community members who need it most…


of $175,000 goal reached.

Not all wounds are visible in our community. Let’s engage the same strength, hope, and resilience we’ve all shown throughout the pandemic to take a stand against the ongoing mental health crisis. The time to help is now.

Here in Canada, mental health issues affect more than 6.7 million people. Alarming statistics like this only highlight the need for us all to get involved and help. In our growing community, the need is critical!

Right now, when patients are admitted into our psychiatric care area, they sometimes must share rooms with other patients, which can make it hard to cope and recover. And if there are no beds available at Peace Arch Hospital, they must be sent to another Fraser Health hospital where a bed is available. This takes them away from their families, jobs, support systems, and community.

With your help, we can change this. Every dollar you give today will get us closer to improving our ability to care for patients right here in your community. That means help for current patients. Someone you love. Or maybe even you.

Whether someone is arriving in the ER for emergency treatment or needs extended care in our Psychiatric Department, we’ll be ready with the latest equipment for patient comfort, psychiatric services, and more.

“As a Psychiatrist, I know that most people don’t think of mental illness as something you can die from. At least not in the same way that people think of cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. But the connection of mental illness to physical health is undeniable. Especially is a post-pandemic world!”
Dr. Mujahid Syed, Department of Psychiatry, Peace Arch Hospital

Now is the right time to give because you can make DOUBLE the impact! Local donor Manjit Lit and his family have promised to MATCH all donations received in support this very worthy cause (up to $100,000)!

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