Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Help provide comfort for Christmas at Peace Arch Hospital

Help provide comfort for Christmas at Peace Arch Hospital

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you became sick or injured, and had to spend the holidays in the hospital? Sadly, this is the reality for so many patients in our community.

Patients must receive life-saving care when they need it most, and sometimes that means a stay in the hospital over the holiday season — including during Christmas and the New Year.

The thought of our patients — members of your community — spending Christmas alone in the hospital breaks our hearts. And we know it must break your heart, too.

This holiday season, we invite you to join us in the spirit of giving. We hope to provide patients with the extra comfort for Christmas they deserve by replacing old and outdated beds, stretchers, and chairs at Peace Arch Hospital!


of 245,000 goal reached.

“I’m anxious, uncomfortable, and alone for the holidays. It’s the simplest of things I wish for the most: my favourite chair from home and a good night’s sleep.”
Susan, long-term patient

Below is a list of much-needed equipment that will help provide our patients with the comfort they deserve:

  • 20+ hospital beds with specialty mattresses: Provide extra comfort and safety for individual patient needs in both acute and long-term care, emergency, and surgical recovery departments. These are costly; however, they include specially-designed mattress technology to provide adjustable bed elevation (for instant relief from pressure points!), and sensors that monitor a patient’s vitals and/or help to prevent falls.
  • 15 reclining patient chairs: Provide extensive options for rest and treatments for patients in both acute and long-term care. Also provide a comforting space for loved ones to rest while visiting friends or family members who are in the hospital.
  • 10 transport stretchers: Provide added safety, comfort, and gentle patient rides between departments. These stretchers are also designed to improve the quality of care by making it easier for nurses and healthcare professionals to provide care with advanced stretcher features such as additional wheels, adjustable side rails, and locking brake technology.
  • 5 specialty treatment chairs: Including an adjustable shower, dental, and imaging chair for patients to utilize during their stay. 
Pahf Holiday Campaign Equipment

Some of our patients are currently in beds that are outdated, and we need your help to replace them as soon as possible. With help from you and others, we can purchase these pieces of costly equipment from our patients’ wish lists… just in time for Christmas! Each piece makes a BIG difference to our patients. So, whatever you can contribute today, please make the most generous gift you can right now and provide Comfort for Christmas at Peace Arch Hospital!