Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Help us diagnose and treat chronic pain… faster!

Help us diagnose and treat chronic pain… faster!

Thousands of patients are currently suffering from chronic pain. Unfortunately, long wait times in the medical imaging department at Peace Arch Hospital delay the diagnosis of chronic pain and the start of treatment. 

Such delays can lead to functional impairment, reduced quality of life, and the despair and mental health challenges that often accompany chronic pain. 

Luckily, we have a solution: A new Fluoroscopy Unit for Peace Arch Hospital. But we need donor support to purchase it!

A Fluoroscopy Unit is a type of medical imaging device that shows continuous x-ray images on a viewing monitor. Think of it as a kind of x-ray movie! With this device, doctors can even provide fluoroscopy-guided injections as a method for treating chronic pain. 


of 145,000 goal reached.

"Imaging tools like this are continuously revolutionizing so many parts of patient care, from screening to diagnosis, surveillance, and our ability to offer minimally-invasive procedures."
Dr. Hamed Basseri, Radiologist, Peace Arch Hospital

Will you help purchase a new Fluoroscopy Unit for Peace Arch Hospital?

We’ve spoken to several patients and medical staff recently, and they are desperate for this new piece of equipment. This device is very expensive, and we’re counting on dedicated community members like you to help purchase it. Now is a great time to give, because all gifts will be matched up to $100,000!

When you help us purchase this device, you’ll be helping thousands of patients and ensuring that we can keep up with the current (and growing!) demand for diagnostic and pain-management services. 

Below are some benefits to a new Fluoroscopy Unit at Peace Arch Hospital:

  • HELPS TARGET AND MANAGE PAIN: Injections provided under fluoroscopic imaging guidance can help target and manage pain related arthritis arising from many different sites throughout the body including the hip, shoulder, lower back, and more. 
  • ALLOWS FOR SWALLOW STUDIES: This device will help our imaging technicians perform many urgent services, including swallow studies for patients suffering from dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). This problem is common in patients who have suffered from stroke, oral and throat cancers, cancer treatments, neurological diseases, and reflux diseases. 
  • REDUCES WAIT TIMES: A brand-new fluoroscopy unit at Peace Arch Hospital will decrease wait times and allow us to push the envelope in providing rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatments for patients in our community. 

YOU can help make equipment like this available in your community hospital by sending a generous donation today. Your gift now will ensure our radiologists and technicians can keep up with the growing demand for critical diagnostic and pain-management services! Donate NOW to have your gift matched, up to $100,000!