Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Projects: Crash Cart Defibrillator Urgently Needed

Crash Cart Defibrillator Urgently Needed

In our Emergency Department, medical staff have to act quickly to save lives. And they need the very best equipment to do so. 

Having the best medical equipment really can be the difference between life and death. Between a patient walking out of here on their own, or facing a lifetime of disability, or worse…

Right now, some of the key pieces of equipment our doctors and nurses rely on in the ER are becoming old and outdated. That means that we lose valuable seconds—sometimes even minutes—which can greatly affect outcomes for patients.

One of the most important pieces of equipment we need to purchase urgently is a Crash Cart Defibrillator.

Medical teams use the defibrillator to resuscitate patients who have stopped breathing, or whose hearts have stopped beating. While we have many defibrillators in the hospital, many are fixed in rooms, and are not always easily accessible for patients under cardiac arrest in Emergency.

A Crash Cart Defibrillator will be on a cart, meaning it’s fully mobile and can be taken anywhere in the hospital.

Family Day Crash Cart Defibrillator

Please help us raise the funds to purchase essential equipment like the Crash Cart Defibrillator by making a donation today.

Remember, you are the heartbeat of our hospital, and every gift you make has an impact. Your gift will be combined with those from other generous donors in our community, to help us purchase this and other critical pieces of equipment.