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As an employee of Peace Arch Hospital, your gift makes an enormous impact. Not only will it be used towards one of these essential programs (of your choosing) to make our hospital better, it also shows our community that our staff are supportive of the developments and improvements coming. A united Hospital Family sends a strong message to the community - that our staff, physicians, and volunteers believe in strengthening our local hospital and its community. This serves as a huge benchmark for the community as they consider their own support. 

Every donation counts

All donations, large or small, one-time or ongoing, make an important difference and a lasting impact. Every dollar counts and every staff member participating sends a positive message. Don't hesitate to get involved at whatever level, in whatever capacity, works best for you. Your participation  makes an important difference. 


Areas of Support

The Foundation works to bring the very best medical services to this community by establishing funding priorities and working collaboratively with Fraser Health. Since 1988, the Foundation has raised $100 million for investment into our hospital and our community.

When you join the Employee Engagement Campaign and choose to donate, along with other members of the Hospital Family, you can choose to direct your investment into specific areas, according to your beliefs and preferences. If you have any questions about how to allocate your gift, please contact us at together@pahfoundation.ca

Currently, the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation is in the midst of a $65 million redevelopment campaign which includes:

  • ER Redevelopment ($15 million). Our current priority; the renovation and expansion of Peace Arch Hospital's ER will see an area almost triple the size, with more space, better patient flow, and specialty care areas. 
  • Residential Care & Hospice ($10 million). Concurrent with the ER redevelopment, a new 200-bed Residential Care and Hospice will be built to accommodate the needs of an aging population. 
  • Surgical Suites ($3 million). On the horizon is the renovation and upgrading of the three surgical suites to increase their size and include state of the art surgical equipment. 
  • Ongoing Equipment Purchases ($1 million/yr).  Every year, the Foundation provides up to $1 million in new equipment to departments all around the hospital. 
  • Community Health Initiatives ($1 million/yr). The Foundation does more than raise money for the hospital. We also invest in the health and wellness of our community.  Programs include Because People Matter grants, Our Healthy Community Program, and more! 
  • Area of Greatest Need (ongoing). In our busy community hospital, the Area of Greatest Need shifts regularly. We work with the Peace Arch Hospital team to identify vital equipment needs or fund special healthcare projects that benefit our community.

Thank you for being part of our proud and committed Hospital Family. 

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