Our Projects

Research and cutting-edge innovation continue to transform medical science. These solutions and innovations, however, are often expensive. The Foundation works to bring the very best medical services to this community by establishing funding priorities and working collaboratively with Fraser Health. Since 1988, the Foundation has raised $100 million for investment into our community through diversified fundraising programs and a lottery.

On the horizon is the renovation and expansion of Peace Arch Hospital’s ER, hospice and residential care facility. This redevelopment plan will modernize the hospital campus and create lasting advancements for our growing community. Groundbreaking will take place in 2017 with a grand opening in 2020.

Our most recent achievement is the completion of six brand new bathing suites for the Dr. Al Hogg Pavilion for residential care. These modern and spa-like baths create a warm and comforting environment for the residents and their caregivers. Simple pleasures can make a big difference!

In our busy community hospital, the Area of Greatest Need shifts regularly. We work with the Peace Arch Hospital team to identify vital equipment needs or fund special healthcare projects that benefit our community.

We believe strong community health is the backbone of a thriving society and through our Healthy Community Grants program, we support the work of other organizations that share our commitment to enhancing community health and wellness.

Our past accomplishments have made a significant and lasting impact on Peace Arch Hospital and the health and wellness of the community as a whole. Health truly is our greatest wealth!


An expanded and updated ER for our community is the Foundation's top priority fundraising project. In early 2016, construction will begin on a facility that is almost three times the size.

Residential Care + Hospice

A new residential care facility, being built concurrently with the new ER, will house 200 beds - 112 dedicated to complex residential care, 73 to geriatric mental health and substance abuse patients and a 15-bed hospice residence.

Area of Greatest Need

Unrestricted gifts given to the area of greatest need are used in ways that make the most of your investment, whether it be priority equipment purchases or special projects.

Czorny Alzheimer Centre

A lot of love has gone into building the Czorny Alzheimer Centre with the hope that residents can feel at home with communal living spaces, a kitchen, resident pets, a beautiful garden and recreation.

Healthiest Community Possible

Our vision is a community that is socially connected, where residents volunteer and neighbours are friends who help each other, where people have a sense of belonging and participate in community programs, events and healthy activities.