The laboratory at Peace Arch Hospital underwent a $30,000 renovation in 2012. These renovations help ensure a timely and accurate diagnosis, the monitoring of treatment progress, determination of drug resistance and the ability to respond to public health issues as they arise. More than 300 patients per day now benefit from these renovations along with families navigating through the “medical chapters” of their lives, be they brief or prolonged, happy or sad.

Small changes made a big difference!

The laboratory at Peace Arch Hospital is located on the second floor of the acute-care tower in close proximity to the main operating theatres. One of the most significant elements of the renovation was the creation of a larger entrance to the lab to allow oversized equipment – like the lab’s four refrigeration units, formerly housed in the basement – to become accessible within the laboratory itself.

The newly reconfigured entry also enabled the hospital to utilize a General Chemistry Analyzer used for urine-drug screening and assessing kidney function and electrolyte levels, among other things.;

Staff can now deliver lab results approximately 20 per cent faster than before the renovation.

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