You Have Inspired Us for 64 Years!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Because of passionate people like you, the spirit of togetherness created our hospital 64 years ago. This spirit drives us to find the best ways to care for each other. This very special message celebrates all you’ve done…and many more years to come:


Bring us to another 64 years by donating

In a moving and heartfelt letter, our Executive Director, Stephanie Beck, highlights a group of community champions who have been here since the very beginning:

As we celebrate Peace Arch Hospital’s 64th birthday this year, I’d like to tell you about our beloved Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary Society which celebrated its 70th Anniversary in April. The efforts of its members are a testament to what can be achieved, with steadfast determination, and the power of people working together. They continue to show us how every effort, every contribution, no matter how small can add up to something truly significant. In doing so, they have enriched our community as a whole.

The Auxiliary has consistently raised funds for Peace Arch Hospital Foundation and Peace Arch Hospital, and contributed thousands of thoughtful acts of kindness for our patients and staff. Hard-won proceeds from every bake sale and tea, golf tournament and fashion show, wine tasting and concert – and the Superfluity Thrift Shop and hospital gift shop - have slowly but surely added up to an extraordinary $13.5 million for Peace Arch Hospital and Peace Arch Hospital Foundation - including $1 million for an MRI, $1 million for maternity ward renovations, and $1.5 million for the new ER.

They also offer clothing and personal products for patients in need – including newborn babies – and provide comforts for people in residential care.

I am truly inspired by their quiet, unwavering generosity - and hope you are, as well.

At Peace Arch Hospital we measure our heartbeat by the extraordinarily generous rhythm of all the people who support us. Community is nurtured and nourished by people who decide what’s important and worthwhile. We simply could not provide such a well-equipped and -staffed hospital otherwise.

On this birthday, as we celebrate our Auxiliary and all of you, our friends and supporters, I hope you will continue to support us with a gift. Your donation – of any size – and every act of kindness and generosity add up to a hospital, and a community, we can all be very proud of.

Thank you.
Stephanie Beck
Executive Director