Paging Dr. Kwan! The ABC's of Laparoscopic Surgery

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

In this adorable video, our tiniest doctor, Dr. Kwan and his trusty assistant Paul show you laparoscopic surgery and its incredible benefits for both surgeons and patients alike.

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This video features Gareth Kwan, Dr. Herman Kwan’s son. Dr. H. Kwan is a Urologic Surgeon at Peace Arch Hospital and below, he notes even more benefits of laparoscopic surgery and how you can contribute to better, newer life-saving equipment:

There are truly wonders to behold inside the human body which, until quite recently, could only be revealed once opened wide. Today, thanks to highly specialized tools and cameras, surgeons like me can see inside the body - through the tiniest of incisions and in astonishing detail - and perform procedures with precision, and far better outcomes for our patients.

These wonders are performed with laparoscopic surgery, and we urgently need your help to refresh and upgrade the equipment we currently use. It’s served us well but desperately needs to be replaced – and our inventory enhanced - to meet the growing demands of our community. This equipment can be used by multiple surgery teams – in general surgery, gynecology and urology.

The Endoeye™ camera is the gold standard for our surgeons.

  • We need two new $25,000 laparoscopic sets and three $26,000 high-definition cameras – a total of $128,000:
  • The advanced, ENDOEYE FLEX 5.5 mm camera is the world’s only articulating HD videoscope that can be sterilized. It enables bright, crisp, magnified images, greater depth of field, and automatic focus.
  • Slender, long-handled laparoscopic tools hold various instruments - like graspers and scissors, and tiny cameras – in place.
  • All-in-one design integrates the light cable and camera system into the laparoscope for improved ergonomics and easier set up.

New, optimally functioning instruments enable Peace Arch Hospital surgeons to complete their work safely and quickly. More importantly, laparoscopic surgery means our patients experience less pain and scarring, and rapid healing, inside and out.

Please help us to buy these highly advanced cameras and laparoscopic instruments. There’s no greater satisfaction – for all of us - than when a patient returns home, without delay, safe and sound. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your donation helps to make that happen – for you, your family and your community?

With great appreciation and thanks,
Dr. Herman Kwan, Urologic Surgeon

P.S. Have you considered joining our Sea Star Club by becoming a monthly donor? Small, regular amounts, added up over time, make giving easier – and make such a difference to the quality of care, for everyone in our community.