Fund Equipment that Will Help You Breathe Easier

Thursday, August 30, 2018

When something literally takes your breath away it can be truly frightening - and our Respiratory Therapy department is here to find out why, as quickly as possible.

Find out about Bronchoscopes - a key diagnostic tool in heavy demand – which urgently need to be replaced at Peace Arch Hospital.


Help Trevor and his team get new, life-saving Bronchoscopes

Made of flexible fiber-optic material with a light source and a camera, bronchoscopes allow a doctor to see and examine the larynx, trachea and narrow airways of the lungs – to diagnose lung disease, a tumour, chronic cough or infection, to remove a foreign object, or deliver medication.

We need your help to buy two much-needed, heavy-workload bronchoscopes that:

  • Contain a magnifying scope, light and high-definition video camera
  • Come with attachments to perform a variety of diagnostic and treatment procedures
  • Can withstand the rigours of heavy sterilization
  • Result in less invasive procedures and faster, more accurate diagnoses.

Every donation – big or small – towards the $70,000 cost, is much appreciated. Donate towards new equipment and we can all breathe a little easier.

“This device provides a gold standard, definitive diagnosis in many different areas – and is the best, least invasive route to get an answer. That small comfort we can give someone is a gift.”

– Trevor Whyte, RRT, Professional Practice Leader - Respiratory Services
Fraser Health Authority - Peace Arch Hospital