How SIM Baby Helps Little Patients & How You Can Help

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Particularly heart-dropping for our team is hearing…

Code Pink, Code Pink!

…a call for help with a neo-natal emergency. Our team then leaps into action for a tiny baby struggling - for breath, for a heartbeat - to give them a fighting chance at life.

Donate towards new, vitally needed equipment

To prepare for these emergencies, our ER, Operating Room and Maternity teams undergo regular, intensive simulations and training. Now, remarkable new technology is available in a SIM Baby™ - a highly realistic newborn ‘doll’ that gives us an advantage over traditional methods of training. When a real emergency arises, we can react more confidently and effectively.

The SIM Baby™:

  • Has a realistic anatomy, programmed to present different newborn traumas and illnesses.
  • Enables us to practice in a safe, realistic, team-centered environment and to make critical decisions with better outcomes.
  • Provides instant electronic feedback as we assess, diagnose, and treat a scenario, thereby increasing our knowledge and expertise.

“Inserting a tube in a little tiny mouth and airway, while doing cardiac compressions or a lumbar puncture to test for meningitis, is very challenging.”

We always strive to do the very best we can because the implications for the child, and the whole family, can be far-reaching and long term. That’s why our greatest priority is to upgrade our Code Pink Cart and training SIM Baby™.

Will you please help to give our most vulnerable babies their best, fighting chance at life, with a donation towards the $40,000 we need? Every contribution – a little or a lot – makes such a difference, and we are particularly grateful for your generosity. Thank you!

From all of us here at Peace Arch Hospital, we wish you and your family – and especially the little ones – a peaceful, healthy holiday.

Dr. Jerrod Hendry, Emergency Physician