Breathing, Life

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Without oxygen to breathe, there is no life.

While we all know this, most of us take our ability to breathe for granted – an automatic inhale, then exhale, repeated unthinkingly and repeatedly, as we go about our lives. 

But the respiratory therapists (RTs) at Peace Arch Hospital know how difficult – or impossible - it can be when a man, woman or child struggles to stay alive – after a cardiac arrest, when lungs are ravaged by disease; when someone is in a coma or unconscious. Find out about these life-saving machines.

Donate towards new, vitally needed equipment

I am one of six RTs who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help patients to keep breathing. We bring with us life support machines - ventilators that deliver life-giving oxygen until someone can breathe on their own, again. Without them, there is no hope, and no healing.

Now, we desperately need to replace two tired ventilators that have worked so hard for many years - in acute care, emergency, intensive care, and in every ward - including neo-natal and intensive care.

These new digital ventilators will give us upgraded capabilities to make it easier to help our patients. They are more efficient, can provide customized oxygenation for each patient’s needs, give us advanced monitoring capability and detailed information on lung mechanics. They can also be upgraded in the future, as technology advances.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone breathe on their own, again. I think of our patients as family, so we want only to provide the best care possible, and this equipment can help us to do that.

We’re so lucky to be here, in South Surrey/White Rock, in this community that treats us as family. Without your support, nothing we do is possible. When we all work together, our job taking care of the people who live here becomes so much easier. Please help us – in any way you can - to buy these new $70,000 ventilators as quickly as possible.

On behalf of my colleagues at Peace Arch Hospital, I thank you for your generosity and support.

Krishan Gill
Respiratory Therapist