A New Residential Care with Hospice Facility Breaks Ground!

Monday, November 20, 2017

A brand new 200-bed state-of-art residential care facility featuring the George & Sylvia Melville Hospice Home, slated to open in 2019, is the first project to break ground of Peace Arch Hospital’s $110 million renovation and expansion plan that includes a new ER and five new operating suites.

Located across the street from the hospital, the facility will feature 185 beds earmarked for complex care and 15 private hospice beds in a separate and home-like environment.

Complex care beds will house patients in need of structured care and offer 24-hour medical support. The 112-bed residence is designed to provide an easy transition from home to residential care with large single rooms with private bathrooms and space for personal furnishings, décor and belongings. There will be a secure wing of 73 beds for patients with geriatric mental health conditions who are experiencing behavioural issues and beds and equipment specifically designed to care for obese patients.

The George & Sylvia Melville Hospice Home will be awash with soothing, warm colours and comfortable furnishings. This calm and respectful environment is where people have come to live out their final weeks and days and are spending each moment in comfort with their loved ones at their side. The 15 private rooms will be furnished with a couch where family can stay overnight, a flat screen TV mounted on the wall and private washroom. Each room will be filled with natural light and look out to beautiful gardens where patients can sit in the sunshine, go for a walk, or have their bed rolled into the open air. Shower and laundry facilities, a large shared lounge and dining area with pantry and a play area for children will also be included.

Of the $10 million needed for the George & Sylvia Melville Hospice Home and complex care residence, $6.5 million has already been raised.

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