McCracken Foundation Endowment Fund Application Guidelines

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The Frank and Yvonne McCracken Foundation established an Endowment Fund in 2005 to be known as the “Frank and Yvonne McCracken Foundation Endowment Fund” with Peace Arch Hospital and Community Health Foundation (“PAHF”). 


The Fund provides grants to support the continuing education of medical and clinical staff and/or the development or improvement of innovative programs for the elderly.

Grants are applicable for program initiatives and for education purposes for staff working in Acute Care, Elder Health, Home Health and Residential Care at Peace Arch Hospital. The focus for education is to prepare health professionals working with the elderly to provide programs which are innovative and have the potential to forge new directions in health care.

Examples of previous programs funded through this Fund: 

The criteria for proposals will include feasibility, quality and projected usefulness of the project as well as the potential for impact or benefit to staff and our patients, clients or residents.

funding criteria

  1. Funding request fits within the mandate of the Frank and Yvonne McCracken Foundation Endowment Fund and PAHF
  2. Funding request is for community benefit
  3. Funding will provide for maximum benefit to a broad focus of community health for the elderly and not for the benefit of any one individual
  4. Special one time projects or start up projects
  5. Education and research projects
  6. Grant limitations – From $500 - $5,000 per application, special funding requests over $5,000 may be considered on a case by case basis.
  7. Funding is provided only for projects yet to start (no backdating of funding).

Funding is not normally awarded for: capital equipment, ongoing projects, routine operating costs, wages, overhead or administration costs, equipment/items purchased or expenses incurred prior to grant approval, deficits, travel, awards and scholarships, religious or political purposes, or individuals. Normally only one grant will be awarded at any given time to one applicant. Under special circumstances where there is demonstrated community benefit, PAHF will consider a one-time proposal to continue a project currently funded by PAHF or another agency with the recommendation of the Advisory Committee.

Research proposals would only be considered if they comply with the objectives of the Frank and Yvonne McCracken Foundation Endowment Fund and the mission of PAHF, and have received approval within Fraser Health’s Research parameters when appropriate.

Successful proposals must be compatible with the objectives of the Frank and Yvonne McCracken Foundation Endowment Fund and PAHCHF mission; have high health and medical merit; have high probability of successful outcome; have appropriate and responsible budget with details; have high local community impact. Start-up projects should include a business plan regarding funding for subsequent years.

All grant requests should be apart from the Hospital's and/or Health Authority’s capital and operational budgets.

Any equipment purchases for proposals within Peace Arch Hospital must go through the established Fraser Health purchase procedures.

Approvals Required

Proposals will require approval (signatures) from one of the following:

Application procedure

Applications will be accepted on an on-going, rolling basis. The online application will remain open and accessible. Application decisions will be made on an on-going basis. 

Projects funded by grants are to be completed, and the funds utilized, normally within one year from approval or by the end of the PAHCHF’s fiscal year end, whichever date is more feasible for the project; the approval letter will state the end date.

The following applications will automatically be disqualified (but may be re-submitted once the errors are corrected): incomplete or unsigned by approved signatories, or individual applicants.

* Note: Proposals should include at least one letter of support for the program (from a partner/supporter/user of the program).


Grant proposals are reviewed as received by the Frank and Yvonne McCracken Foundation Endowment Fund Advisory Committee and recommended to PAHF’s Board of Directors for approval. This Advisory Committee will be comprised of members invited by, and at the sole discretion of PAHF. This committee will include representation from physician and clinical leadership of Hospital and Community Health programs for the elderly at Peace Arch Hospital, and Foundation representatives.

Successful applicants will be advised in writing by PAHF. Funding of any project is at the complete discretion of PAHF. Applicants agree and accept that all decisions by PAHF are final. Neither PAHF nor the Advisory Committee will enter into any discussion about the reasons for approval or denial of any application, nor release any material related to the review process. Application material becomes the property of PAHF.

Responsibility of fund recipients

Successful recipients are expected to carry out their projects as submitted with the amount granted. If changes are to be made, the applicant is expected to obtain the approval of PAHF prior to any expenditure. In the event that any undisclosed material change has occurred after an application has been submitted, PAHF reserves the right to nullify any funding commitments made, or to stop further payment. Examples are changes to: expenditure, recipient institution, receipt of funding from other sources on similar or related proposals, ability of the applicant to complete the project. Decision of what constitutes material change will be referred to PAHF whose decision is final.

PAHF encourages recognition of the grants awarded.  Any promotional or marketing material produced in respect to a project funded by a grant that includes references to the Frank and Yvonne McCracken Foundation or PAHF, must be approved in advance by PAHF. All funded proposals are expected to file a report within three months of completion of the project or within six months of receiving funds (whichever is appropriate) to the Advisory Committee c/o Peace Arch Hospital Foundation. Grant funding will be issued upon invoice to PAHF with complete details of expenditure, ie: copies of receipts issued by the accounting department of the recipient institution in accordance with the approved budget. Failure to comply may result in the withholding of funds, and jeopardize consideration of future applications.

From the reports filed by the recipients, the Advisory Committee will provide a written report to PAHF on an annual basis. The Board of Directors may request a presentation from any of the recipients. 


Ashley McGuire, Community Engagement Coordinator. Call PAH local 757871, email, or visit our office on the main floor of PAH (between MRI & registration).

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