Healthy Community Grant Application Guidelines

Peace Arch Hospital Foundation was incorporated in November 1988 as a BC non-profit charitable organization. The organization’s mission and vision statement are as follows:

MISSION of PAHF: To raise funds and awareness to enhance health and wellness in our community.
VISION of PAHF: To lead the way in achieving the healthiest community possible.

Purpose of the Healthy Community grants

As part of its mission, PAHF operates a Healthy Community Grants (“HCG”) program that offers financial support for viable projects, programs and initiatives that enhance the health and wellness for those who live in the White Rock and South Surrey areas whether through direct medical services, public health education or medical research (collectively, the “Programs”). 



To be eligible for HCG funding, Programs must support and promote community health and wellness. Funding is normally available for initiatives between $1,000 and $100,000 per application; however projects over $100,000 may be considered.

Applications for HCG funding must fall within at least one of the following areas:

  • Special one-time projects 
  • Start-up projects for a maximum funding period of three years 
  • Public Health Education 
  • Innovations in health care
  • Innovations in community health
  • Research projects (see below for more detailed information on research projects)

All funding requests from Fraser Health/Lower Mainland Centralized Services should be apart from Peace Arch Hospital's capital and operational budgets.

AND, HCG applications must:

  • Be compatible with PAHF mission and vision
  • Have high health and medical merit
  • Have high probability of a successful outcome 
  • Have high potential for local community impact
  • Have the intended outcome of being self-sustaining (with support plan in application)
  • Provide proof of collaboration with other community groups/service providers


These costs will be considered on an individual basis and must be clearly detailed on the budget. They may include:

  • Capital expenditures related to the project (non-construction)
  • Operating costs to a maximum of 5% of the total project budget
Operating costs are meant to be overhead costs that are directly associated with the project's success. 


  • Projects longer than three years in length
  • Projects outside the catchment area of South Surrey/White Rock
  • Individuals or for-profit businesses
  • League or club-based sports programs
  • Retroactive funding or for any project expenses incurred prior to grant approval
  • Debt retirement or deficits
  • Awards and scholarships
  • Activities of religious organizations that serve primarily their membership and/or their direct religious purposes
  • Large scale capital and public infrastructure projects
  • Repeat project applications, unless there is a proven significant change to the project
  • Travel to or attendance at conferences, competitions, symposia or annual events (for PAH staff, please see the Staff Education program or contact Ashley McGuire or call 604-535-4520)

For current active project grants with the Foundation, applicants:

  • May submit a new application which may be considered for review by the committee
  • May submit a new application during the final year of the active grant project



The application form is set up to allow for electronic input and submission of the application. Applicants will be able to enter their information, save it, and return at a later time to edit and/or submit the form when they are ready. 

The following applications will automatically be disqualified (but may be re-submitted once the errors are corrected):

  • incomplete  applications
  • applications unsigned by approved signatories
  • extraordinarily long applications

Prior to application to the HCG program, researchers must first complete the Fraser Health Research signature process. Applicants should contact Magdalena Newman, Research Development Specialist for the Fraser Health Department of Evaluation and Research Services for further information at 604.587.4637, or visit

Where funding of a research project falls within the maximum $5,000 for Fraser Health’s Seed Grant, the applicant may apply simultaneously to Fraser Health’s Seed Grant through the Department of Evaluation and Research Services and to the PAHF’s HCG program.  If the Seed grant application is successful, the applicant would not be eligible for the Healthy Community Grant. An applicant cannot hold a Seed grant and also another grant for the same study; if a person wins a Seed Grant and later gets another grant, they need to decide which grant to turn down. Visit for more information. 

If a researcher successfully obtains a Healthy Community grant, he/she must then apply for an ethics certificate through the Fraser Health Research Ethics Board.  For further information and support, please contact Fraser Health Research Ethics Board Coordinator, Sara Birjandian at  No funds for the research project will be released and patient recruitment may not begin until the ethics certificate has been obtained and forwarded to PAHCHF. 


Applications will be accepted on an on-going, regular basis. The online application form will remain open and accessible indefinitely.  Application decisions will be completed three times per year. Applications must be submitted a minimum of four months prior to the project’s planned start date. 

The Healthy Community Grants Committee will review the applications on an as-needed basis, at the discretion of the PAHF staff. Applicants may be asked additional questions about their application and/or may be asked to present to the Grants Committee. The Committee recommendations are sent to the PAHF’s Board of Directors for final approval. Applicants will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision along with the terms and conditions of any approved grant, following the respective board meeting at which they were approved. Applicants may expect to receive a decision on their application thirty to ninety days after the application is submitted. Every effort will be made by PAHF staff to notify applicants in a timely manner. Applicants agree and accept that all decisions by PAHF are final. Neither PAHF nor the Healthy Community Grants Committee will enter into any discussion about the reasons for approval or denial of any application, nor release any material related to the review process. Application material becomes the property of PAHF.


  • Successful grant recipients are expected to carry out their projects as described in their application. If changes are required, a written request will need to be submitted to PAHF for approval prior to any alterations to the plan. Failure to do so could result in PAHF nullifying any funding commitments made, or stopping further payments.
  • PAHF encourages applicants to provide details of opportunities to recognize PAHF for approved grant funding. Marketing material for the project that includes references to PAHF or uses its logo requires approval by PAHF in advance of publishing.
  • Detailed invoices with copies of receipts will be submitted to PAHF for reimbursement as the expenses are incurred or at the conclusion of the project, and must directly reflect those expenses described in the approved budget. 
  • Projects are to be completed within one year, unless a multi-year project is approved. Read the terms and conditions in the approval documentation clearly. Any requests for extensions must be submitted in writing three months prior to the original end date.
  • Fund recipients may be requested by PAHF to make a presentation to the Healthy Community Grants Committee, or to PAHF’s Board of Directors.
  • The Healthy Community Grants Committee and the PAHF staff appreciate the opportunity to make site visits to see successful projects first hand.  
  • In some cases PAHF may ask permission to feature your project and story in PAHF’s marketing and communication vehicles.
  • All funded applicants are expected to file a report within three months of completion of the project or within six months of receiving funds (whichever is appropriate). If the project is approved as a multi-year project, a report will be submitted annually, or otherwise as directed by PAHF staff in the approval letter. The report is to be emailed to with subject line “Healthy Community Grants Report." The report will include:
    • the stage of completion your program is in and when completion is expected; 
    • the objectives of the program and if they have been met, if not, why;
    • the benefits that have been realized as a result of this program and/or any concerns that have arisen;
    • the target population and whether or not your program has been successful in reaching them, and if not, why;
    • what measurements of success have been achieved; and
    • what recognition has been provided or is planned, for PAHF as a result of the funding awarded to your program.
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